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About HAYA Festival

At HAYA Festival, we’re a group of music lovers who thrive on creating a magical experience for over a hundred thousand people every season. Whether you have a strong passion for music or you’re simply hunting for melodic thrills, if you believe in the power of music, we’ve got you covered.

Based in the heart of the Republic of Armenia, we believe that music is a universal language that can unite people of all cultures and backgrounds, so we keep breaking barriers and organizing concerts also in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our mission? As simple as it is, we aim at promoting peace and understanding between different cultures and nationalities, with a vision to advocate hope and social change, encouraging self-expression and sharing emotions with other humans who value bringing harmony to their hearts, as we do. So, mark the dates and come with friends.

Information for inquiries:

Phone: +374 77 805 687

E-mail: tickets@hayafest.com

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